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Volunteers’ Week: Volunteers commit 390 hours across Foundation in just six months

04 June 2020

Volunteers working across Club Doncaster Foundation have committed a total of 390 hours in just a six month periord.

83 volunteers offered their support with things such as matchdays, cycling sessions and committee meetings from October 2019 to March 2020. 

With a host of programmes and events, the support of volunteers who donate their time to the Foundation is invaluable. 

Nick Gillott, Health & Wellbeing Officer for The Foundation, has praised the volunteers in their efforts to support the community. 

He said: “On behalf of the foundation, I would like to thank each of the 83 people that have supported us in delivering some truly fantastic projects this year. 

“The commitment and professionalism we have seen from these people in giving back to the people of Doncaster has been incredible and the foundation are proud to support these people in their journey with us.”

Volunteers’ Week is an annual celebration of the contribution millions of people make across the UK through volunteering. 

Bob Allan, who regularly volunteers across the Foundation, said: “I have had a lot from Fit Rovers over the years so it’s giving something back to them.

“The other thing is that I get a lot of satisfaction when I encourage people to do other things, things they think they can’t do and they then go on to do them.” 

The 390 hours were made up from a total of 98 unique volunteering sessions. 

Of the 390 hours committed, 334 were from participants of the Fit Rovers scheme. 

You can find out more about volunteering at the foundation, here.

Volunteers’ Week: Volunteers commit 390 hours across Foundation in just six months