Fit Rovers Ladies Health & Wellbeing

After the success of the award-winning health and wellbeing programme - Fit Rovers, Club Doncaster Foundation are delighted to announce the introduction of a female version open for women, over 23 across Doncaster.

A series of eight week fitness courses are conducted throughout the year offering excellently delivered sessions and advice to work towards a healthier lifestyle.

Unlike big fitness/weight-loss chains that charge you for public weigh-ins and give very little guidance, information at Fit Rovers Ladies is completely confidential, meaning you can keep a track of exactly how you’re doing on a one-to-one basis with the staff.

The programme will follow a similar structure to the men’s course: social elements; informal and interactive health workshops; fun andinclusive exercise sessions.
All participants will receive a Fit Rovers Ladies t-shirt and course booklet which has been co-designed by the participants, to help them achieve their individual goals.

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