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Taco Bell become official patron of Club Doncaster Foundation

26 April 2019

Through their recent bronze membership with Club Doncaster, Taco Bell have become the latest patron of Club Doncaster Foundation.

The mexican-inspired restaurant chain, which has a new restaurant opening in Doncaster, will be the 39th Taco Bell restaurant to open in the UK.

With a commitment to taking action in the local community, the team at Taco Bell have become a parton of the Foundation to promote and support numerous events that the Foundation run throughout the year. 

A devotion to supporting the community is at the forefront of the Doncaster-based restaurant, with this latest corporate social responsibility campaign a major boost for the Foundation. The entire Club Doncaster Group will be working closely with Taco Bell, with the restaurant aiming to lend its support to the Foundation's showcase events in the near future.

Jen Baines, Business Operations & Development Manager for Taco Bell, said: “We are delighted to be announcing our partnership with Doncaster Rovers and the Keepmoat stadium.

"This weekend we open our second restaurant in Doncaster, a drive-thru at the Herten Triangle Development. The partnership is a great opportunity for us to get to know our local customers and be a part of the community.

"We are also extremely proud to be a patron of Club Doncaster Foundation.”

Originally launched in the United States, there are currently more than 425 Taco Bell restaurants across 27 markets outside of the US, with the goal of expanding the brand’s international presence to 9,000 restaurants by 2022.

There are currently 38 Taco Bell restaurants in the UK. Taco Bell can be found in major towns and cities across the country including Sheffield, Manchester, Nottingham, Leeds, Liverpool and now Doncaster. For a full list of all UK restaurants, visit

Taco Bell become official patron of Club Doncaster Foundation