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Success in Road2Paris challenge, with over 100 individuals raising money to support Club Doncaster Foundation projects

17 June 2024

In May, participants and staff got involved in a month long challenge to celebrate the Olympics in Paris, this coming July. 

With National Walking Month taking place during May too, the Foundation decided to tie the two events together to create the Road2Paris challenge, to help raise vital funds to further support the work delivered by the charity, to members of the local community. 

The challenge consisted of covering a combined distance of 440 miles throughout the month, in teams of 3-6 people. The distance is that from Eco-Power Stadium to Stade de France in Paris, where the olympics will be held. 

An incredible 143 participants took part, covering a fantastic 15,148.26 miles within the month, with every team successfully completing the challenge and reaching Paris.

The distance covered is the equivalent of:

  • 231,834 football pitches
  • 81,262 Eiffel towers 
  • Further than the Great Wall of China

From the 22 teams involved, 4 of them covered enough miles to complete a round trip back to the Eco-Power Stadium too! 

Take a look at the top 3 leaderboard for distance covered:

- 1st place - The Baguettes - 1317.94 miles

- 2nd place - The Shortcutters - 1096.35 miles

- 3rd place - Scrambled Legs - 916.58 miles

Kerry Francis, Client Journey Manager for Age UK Doncaster, took part with her work colleagues and said: “I was privileged to be a part of this great initiative. 

“Not only did it help raise awareness around Dementia, but it also raised funds to support much needed community activities. 

“It was great to work as a team both within my organisation and connect with other people and the wider community. It has spurred me on to access other opportunities.

“Club Doncaster Foundation, what an amazing team.” 

.All money raised will go towards continuing to support our Walk & Talk projects, one of which is a weekly session taking place every Tuesday at the Eco-Power, playing a key role in improving health & wellbeing, reducing social isolation and supporting Dementia and Alzheimer’s across Doncaster.

The challenge also helped promote Get Doncaster Moving, a partnership that supports Doncaster’s communities to be physically active, healthy & vibrant, bringing together people, groups, organisations and businesses that share the same goals.

Speaking of the success of the event, Fundraising & Events Officer, Phoebe Sneddon said: “The Road 2 Paris challenge has been fantastic, it's been great to see so many people engage with the challenge and exercise together throughout the month of May along with Get Doncaster Moving. 

“Those involved have not only increased their activity throughout the month, they've also raised awareness and funds for our Walk & Talk project. 

“It’s incredible that our teams have gone above and beyond and collectively covered 15,148.26 miles together, which is a significant distance. 

“On behalf of the Foundation, I want to thank all our participants who got involved and took part.

“We’re already well underway in planning our next challenges coming up this year.”

Interested in getting involved with the Foundation and raising vital funds for us, please contact

Success in Road2Paris challenge, with over 100 individuals raising money to support Club Doncaster Foundation projects