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Stephen Evans: I love to volunteer and want to give back to Fit Rovers

13 February 2019

Fit Rovers, Club Doncaster Foundation’s showpiece health and wellbeing project, has received a massive boost in delivery because of its volunteers.

The work done by volunteers at Fit Rovers has contributed to improving the overall satisfaction of the course, whilst also offering a variety of different experiences and sessions for the participants to enjoy on a weekly basis. 

Stephen Evans, a Fit Rovers graduate himself from course eight, has been volunteering and leading walking sessions since becoming a mountain leader in 1995, and has taken it upon himself to lead the Fit Rovers’ expedition on the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge.

The carer, who has plenty of experience leading walks and expeditions, feels like he owes it to Fit Rovers and Club Doncaster Foundation to help out as much as he can.

He commented: “I want to put a lot back (into the programme).

“I got a lot of out it. Nick, Scott and the team have been fantastic and have guided me throughout my time here.

“I recently started volunteering on the Fit Rovers Committee as an integration officer because I want to help people feel comfortable starting here at Fit Rovers”.

Stephen understands the difficulty of trying something new, but has offered his support to anyone willing to try the programme or the various opportunities presented to Fit Rovers participants throughout the year.

The reason why he does it is to make a difference. He commented: ”I think volunteering is very important as it allows people to put back into something.

“To see a person smiling, laughing, joking and the energy and enthusiasm they are putting in is great to see.

“To be able to see the difference you can make on a person’s life, who could not afford or otherwise have the chance to do these things is truly inspiring.

“I’m a carer, so I spend a lot of time on my own. Volunteering and Fit Rovers has helped me getting back working and being amongst bigger groups of people and upping my social interaction.”

The mountain leader’s association with Doncaster Rovers does not stop at Fit Rovers, as the football lover decided to pledge his support to Rovers at the start of the 2018/19 season.

He commented: “The first time I came to the Keepmoat Stadium for the Fit Rovers circuit sessions, I walked out through the tunnel and I saw the grass, the grass looks beautiful and the pitch just looked absolutely fantastic.

“After that moment, I wanted to be a part of this and give something back. So I went straight around and bought a season ticket, now I come to every home game.”

For more information on how you can get involved with Fit Rovers, get in touch on 01302 764663.

Stephen Evans: I love to volunteer and want to give back to Fit Rovers