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Sports College Students go ‘above and beyond’ with volunteering support across Club Doncaster operations

03 June 2020

Three students at Club Doncaster Sports College have been recognised for their efforts in volunteering across the foundation, at schools, matchdays and Kicks sessions.

Jack Payne, Callum Leeson and Mason Fairclough, who all study sports qualifications at the college, have contributed the greatest amount of volunteering time out of all the Club Doncaster Sports College students. 

Callum Leeson, who started volunteering during his first year at the college, said: “I've volunteered on a variety of projects including the delivery of P.E lessons and clubs within schools, local kicks sessions, football tournaments set up for young people at schools such as the EFL Cup and also match days for Doncaster Rovers. 

“It has developed me as an individual, built up my overall confidence and also allowed me to realise that sports coaching is what I want a future in.” 

Volunteers’ Week is an annual celebration of the contribution millions of people make across the UK through volunteering. 

Mason Fairclough, who began volunteering after he refereed some football games late last year, has also praised the effects that the volunteering has had on his personal development. 

He said: “I have been volunteering with the Foundation since late last year when I refereed some games for the play on the pitch day for primary school kids. 

“Since then I have been in schools helping with PE lessons, after school clubs, also I’ve helped at kicks and on match days. 

“The knowledge I have gained during this time has helped me with my other volunteering ventures.” 

Wednesday, 3 June is power of youth day, a campaign that aims to recognise children and young people's contributions, empower more young people to make a difference, and give young people opportunities to shape their future. 

Ben Thompson, Deputy Principal at Club Doncaster Sports College, said: “We see work experience as a key component of the learner journey, increasing personal development and their knowledge of the sports sector. 

“Due to the links we have with The Foundation, we can coordinate meaningful, sports specific opportunities for our students; Jack, Callum and Mason are all Sports College students with an ambition to coach, they have carried out more volunteering than anyone else and have gone above and beyond within their volunteering. 

“They have immersed themselves in their volunteering roles, picking up vital experiences and skills which will inevitably help them forge a career in the sports industry.”

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Sports College Students go ‘above and beyond’ with volunteering support across Club Doncaster operations