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Fit Rovers vets get a NHS check up

14 March 2019

A number of the Foundation's Fit Rovers veterans were given a health check by the NHS as part of a national scheme designed to improve overall fitness and wellbeing. 

The NHS health check is a nationwide scheme designed to improve peoples health by helping them to avoid cardiovascular illnesses and improve fitness. Any person between the age of 40 to 74 who has no cardiovascular illness (as far as they are aware) is entitled to a free NHS health check. 

The health check comprises of a height and weight measurement to give BMI, blood pressure check, cholesterol check, diabetes test (if indicated), lifestyle questions, advice and any family history of heart attacks or strokes. The information is collated and from this health care assistants can advise the patient of their risk of having a heart attack or stroke within the next ten years.

A spokesperson from the NHS commented: "If the result of this check shows they have a risk of over 10%, then we advise them to see their local GP practice. 

"We also advise them to see their GP practice if they have a raised blood pressure (140/90) or a raised cholesterol level (ratio above 5) and/or an indicator of diabetes from their diabetic check. The cholesterol and diabetic checks are done on the spot using a finger prick of blood and results are instantly available to both the patient and the health care assistant."

So far in Doncaster and Barnsley, the NHS have provided over 35,000 health checks, picking up over 10,000 patients who are obese to whom healthy lifestyle and dietary advise has been given.

Over 8,000 with a cardiovascular risk over 10%, who have been referred to their GP Practice, a similar number who have problems with their blood pressure who again have been advised that they see their GP practice and nearly 3,500 patients who have been tested for diabetes.

Abbie Brierley, from Hallcross Medical Services Limited, who conducted the health checks, commented: "We have been pleased to work with Club Doncaster Foundation and Fit Rovers to provide this service to the people who attend their sessions and we have identified a number of people who we have referred onto our clinical colleagues in primary care.

"We look forward to continue working with the Foundation on the good work they are doing to improve the fitness of Doncaster citizens."

Fit Rovers vets get a NHS check up