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NCS transform R.E.I.N.S Animal Rescue Centre

21 August 2018

The grounds and stables at R.E.I.N.S Animal Rescue Centre have been transformed this week by a group of NCS Doncaster participants.

Unusual hot weather in South Yorkshire had encouraged certain types of poisonous plant to grow across the centre, which have now been removed by the participants to protect the horses that reside there.

The week-long job has saved the centre valuable time and money and allowed the rescue horses one on one time with the team to be groomed, cleaned and trained.

NCS participant, Piper Gordon commented: “It feels really rewarding to give something back to the community. We have had an incredible experience on NCS and it cost next to nothing to have the three week experience, so it feels good to truly help an organisation out.”

“We have been grooming the horses and prepping them for lessons by tacking them and making sure they are comfortable but a lot of the work has been across the stables digging up the poisonous plants that could kill the horses. They have been confined into certain stables while R.E.I.N.S cleared them, so I think we have been a great help.”

The group have also had the amazing opportunity to ride the horses as they build a strong bond with the animals. For many, it is their first experience with dealing with the animals and have learnt a lot from the responsibility.

This social action project is part of a three week NCS experience with Club Doncaster Foundation. You can find out more about the programme at

NCS transform R.E.I.N.S Animal Rescue Centre