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NCS help charities across Doncaster

31 August 2018

A group of NCS Doncaster young people are donating bikes to local charities and centres as part of their social action project.

They have spent a full week cleaning and repairing all the bikes in Club Doncaster Foundation’s bike library and are now distributing some of their handy work to local charities in need.

30+ hours of voluntary work has been racked up over the week by the group and they have even documented their journey themselves, which they hope to showcase at their NCS Graduation.

Team leader, Sean Fearn said: “The group have worked really hard to clean the bikes and have had training from Club Doncaster Foundation’s health and wellbeing team to be able to make simple repairs to them too, so they have been busy!

“It’s great to see them making a real difference to charities across Doncaster and how enthuastic they are to making an impact.”

Nick Gillott, health and wellbeing manager added: “We have a considerable volume of bikes and equipment in the bike library, so it’s always great to have help cleaning and maintaining them.

“I think it’s fantastic that they are helping other causes by utilising our bike library too, it’s great when two teams can come together.”

Club Doncaster Foundation’s bike library is open to the public, and allows anyone to borrow a bike, free of charge. There are a range of bikes available including children’s bikes and trailers and equipment such as helmets too.

For more information about the bike library, contact the team on 01302 764663.


NCS help charities across Doncaster