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NCS Doncaster transform Green Heart Man Social Enterprise Project

17 August 2018

One of NCS Doncaster’s social action groups have spent the last week renovating the Green Heart Man Social Enterprise Project, helping create a space for entrepreneurs, young people and people recovering from addictions or trauma in rural Doncaster.

They become the first ever group to offer their hand to the project and have transformed the space in such little time, maintaining the grounds and creating an environment of peace and tranquillity.

Since the beginning of the week, they have painted canvases for the walls, built a feature pond and helped transform the front of the property.

Glen Monks from the Green Heart Man project commented: “It’s fantastic to see how creative the group have been, and what a great job they have done.

“We have spent the week renovating, discussing ideas and meditating, and I think we both have got so much out of the project.”

Team Leader, Josh Gelder added: “I have done NCS for the last two years and I’ve never seen anyone do a project like this. It’s such a unique way to help the community, and I think Glen has some amazing ideas, that hopefully we can help put into action.”

A gallery of the fantastic work they have done is below, which has completely transformed the space.

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NCS Doncaster transform Green Heart Man Social Enterprise Project