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Fit Rovers donate £1000 to Movember 2018

10 January 2019

The month of November saw plenty of the Fit Rovers participants have their facial hair shaved off in aid of Movember 2018, donating £1000 in the process.

The Movember movement, which aims to prevent men dying too young, was one of the many campaigns the Fit Rovers team felt passionately about, adding to the desire to do their part.

The team raised a total amount of £2000, which was agreed to be split between Movember and being put back into the Fit Rovers project.


After teaming up with local barbershop Blades Barbers by Bev Roberts, the Fit Rovers members decided to get their facial hair removed before their weekly session at the end of November.

From shaved moustaches to fully shaved heads, the members embraced the occasion, much to the delight of the Foundation’s health and wellbeing officer Nick Gillott. 

He said: “This was the second year of taking part in Movember and yet again the guys taking part have gone above and beyond with their tashes and the money they have raised.


“It was agreed this year that the money would be split 50/50 with Movember and the Fit Rovers project, this would allow for ongoing sustainability of the Fit Rovers project."

"The £1000 raised for Fit Rovers means we can deliver 20 weeks of sessions, which will impact 1200 people in the Doncaster region.”

Fit Rovers 2018 saw another year of amazing results from particpants, with a total of 341.5kg weight lost, whilst phyical activity, alongside fruit and vegetable intake, improved drastically. 


Five courses will be ran in 2019, as the team prepares to top the results of 2018 and make an even bigger positive change to the health and fitness of those in Doncaster. 

For more information on Fit Rovers and how you can join, please call 01302 764663 or email 


Fit Rovers donate £1000 to Movember 2018