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Matty Blair starts stint as Fit Rovers ambassador

03 August 2018

Newly appointed Fit Rovers ambassador, Matty Blair helped course nine settle into the programme on Thursday as he welcomed them for the beginning of their Fit Rovers journey.

The Rovers midfielder welcomed 27 men onto the new course, and even helped them record their week one measurements of weight, height and blood pressure.

Matty will be joining the men more regularly on a Thursday night, as he begins his stint as the 2018/19 Fit Rovers ambassador at the Keepmoat Stadium.

Matty commented: “I’m delighted to be the Fit Rovers ambassador for this season; I spent quite a bit of time with the participants last season and really enjoyed watching them reach their goals, so to have more of a direct involvement this year is great.

The programme is fantastic. I still can’t believe it’s free! The sessions I’ve witnessed are really professional and it’s such a relaxed environment to meet new people and reach your goals.”

As part of his role, Matty also visited the Fit Rovers vets session to keep an eye on how the men are progressing having already graduated from the course.

81 men turned up at the Keepmoat Stadium, 54 of which were for the for the veteran sessions, which are ran by Club Doncaster Foundation staff and are exclusive for Fit Rovers graduates. Matty spent the rest of the evening discussing how they had maintained lifestyle changes up to 18 months after their course finished.

Fit Rovers is Club Doncaster Foundation’s pioneering adult fitness course based at the Keepmoat Stadium, aimed at men over the age of 30, free of charge.

The follow on veteran sessions are available at just £2 and offer football sessions, circuits at the Keepmoat Stadium and various cycle routes around Doncaster.

For more information about the next free courses available, contact the team on 01302 764663 /






Matty Blair starts stint as Fit Rovers ambassador