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29 October 2019 have offered the Foundation 20 free tickets for Doncaster Rovers’ upcoming fixture against Manchester United under-21’s in the Trophy.  

The car leasing website, who are the official title sponsor of the EFL Trophy, have gifted tickets to all EFL clubs.

The 20 tickets were for participants from a Foundation project, with some students from Club Doncaster Sports College, who recently completed the NCS Autumn programme, being the beneficiaries of the donation. 

The Sports College encompasses the power of education alongside sport, whilst the NCS programme allows its participants to have an impact in their community. These tickets have been given to those students who have brought community and football closer together.

NCS graduate officer, Gabby Da Silva, said: “We would like to extend a huge thank you to and the EFL Trust for supplying us with tickets for our NCS participants.

“This is a great opportunity to raise the profile of one of our many projects and to give the participants something extra for their efforts.”

Since becoming the official title sponsor of the EFL Trophy back in August, have increased their engagement with communities and football club alike, with this latest act of generosity only a small step on their way to making a difference in the footballing community.

The NCS programme, which has recently undergone completely new branding, is aimed at empowering thousands of teenagers across the UK to meet new people, try new things and cover new ground. 

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