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Joseph Olowu pays a visit to partner school participant

22 December 2022

During a school visit as part of the All Rover Doncaster day, back in early September, one pupil in-particular at a local school was excited to meet the Doncaster Rovers players in attendance.

Seven-year-old Ife, from Our Lady of Mount Carmel, a partner school of Club Doncaster Foundation, got the chance to meet central defender Joseph Olowu, in a meet and greet session within his class. Joseph read a story to the class before answering an array of questions from the class.

Joseph was particularly touched from a comment, rather than a question, from Ife himself.

Speaking of the moment, Olowu said: “Ife’s words really struck home with me. Instead of asking a question, he said to me that he was proud to see someone else with the same skin colour as him. That really touched me, I’ll be honest.

“For a seven-year-old boy to be able to notice something like this already, at such a young age, it meant a lot to me."

Following on from the visit, Joseph decided he wanted to do something special, so rallied the rest of the squad together to get a signed shirt sorted, before making a surprise visit to Ife’s house to hand the shirt over, along with an invite to an upcoming Rovers fixture.

Olowu added: “I wanted to do something for him, to make him feel special. I’m looking forward to welcoming him and his family to a game soon.”

Joseph Olowu pays a visit to partner school participant