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JOB VACANCY: Media and communications coordinator

12 September 2018

An opportunity has arisen for an enthusiastic individual to join the team, and co-ordinate the media and communications elements of the work of the Club Doncaster Foundation.

The successful applicant will play a key role in ensuring the excellent community work carried out by the Foundation is promoted via all sectors of the media.

The Foundation thrives on new ways of working and engaging all audiences. The media and communications co-ordinator will play a key role in the promotion of our ideas, and ensure that we are reaching all audiences with our work.

The successful applicant will be required to provide support across all departments of the Club Doncaster Foundation, and help to ensure that our content is engaging, specific, and shown across all media channels.

This position will allow us to continue to deliver high quality projects across Doncaster and support the continued growth of the Foundation and all participants, by providing all persons the opportunity to become more aware of what we do here at the Foundation.

The successful applicant ideally should have previous experience and knowledge of all media platforms, either in a paid or voluntary capacity, and be comfortable at expressing and putting into practice new ideas and suggestions to engage all audiences locally and nationally.

Main duties will include:

  • Co-ordinate, capture and promote engaging content that either promotes the great work of the Foundation in the community or recruits participants to new opportunities
  • Oversee all social media channels for the Foundation
  • Create engaging content, across our platforms for our target audiences
  • Hold lead responsibility for the Club Doncaster Foundation website, ensuring all areas of work are promoted accordingly
  • Produce and distribute regular newsletters or partner updates across our networks
  • Co-ordination and promotion of Doncaster Rovers and Doncaster RLFC player visits
  • Create and submit content to the club for our regular matchday programmes
  • Work towards the organisation's aims and objectives, as outlined in the strategic plan

Please be aware that a criminal disclosure and identity check will be carried out on the successful applicant prior to any offer of employment, in line with Club Doncaster's safeguarding culture and procedures.
Club Doncaster is also committed to ensuring to the highest standards of Safeguarding, we are an equal opportunities employer and are keen to hear from all persons who feel that this would be the right role for them.

If you would like to apply for the role please submit your CV and cover letter to

HR Manager Kirsty Cavanagh at


Kirsty Cavanagh
Keepmoat Stadium
Stadium Way
Closing date Tuesday October 2, 2018

JOB VACANCY: Media and communications coordinator