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Gemma Oaten visits Club Doncaster Sports College to give informative talk on eating disorders

25 May 2021

Club Doncaster Sports College students were joined by SEED ambassador and former Emmerdale actress Gemma Oaten for an informative talk on the dangers of eating disorders this afternoon.

It’s part of a regional tour organised by SEED support services who work to help people who are living with eating disorders.  

The actress, best known for her role in Emmerdale, is visiting a series of schools and colleges where she’ll be using SEED’s educational toolkit to help support the delivery of eating disorder awareness training.

Gemma said: “Early intervention and education is absolutely paramount when it comes to eating disorder awareness and support. 

“It's wonderful to see the conversation continuing and hopefully we can help more kids. 

“As we know there's a growing increase in those developing eating orders at the moment, especially due to the pandemic, so it’s vital we start being open and encouraging people to understand and educate themselves about eating disorders and also feel like they're not alone and that they can talk.” 

The SEED educational toolkit helps teachers and group leaders to talk confidently about eating disorders, wellbeing and body image.  

“Gemma's story was really thought provoking and engaging”, explained Sports College head of further education Emma Harrison.  

“It's so important that our learners have the knowledge and understanding of eating disorders, and know where to access support either for themselves or to provide a support framework for peers, family and friends. 

“We’d like to thank Gemma for joining us here at the Keepmoat Stadium and for engaging the students.” 

Adam Morrison, a student at the College, said: “Gemma’s talk was very insightful and it has given me the tools to recognise the signs of somebody struggling with an eating disorder.  

“I'm now much more confident that I could support a friend or family member who was contending with such an issue".  

You can find out more about SEED, here.  

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Gemma Oaten visits Club Doncaster Sports College to give informative talk on eating disorders