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From Doncaster to Barcelona: The Virtual Bike Ride

12 May 2020

A total of 55 cyclists took part in the Home Goals Virtual Bank Holiday seaside challenge on Friday, May 8, covering a combined distance of over 1,000 miles.

As part of the at-home fitness initiative, Club Doncaster Foundation set a challenge for people to get on their bikes, go for a ride and record their total mileage, while adhering to social distancing measures.

The length of all 55 routes was then tallied up, revealing that a total distance of 1,072 miles had been covered on the day alone; enough to take us from Doncaster to Barcelona.

Scott Copeland, the health and wellbeing officer at the Foundation, has praised the number of people who got involved with the challenge.

He said: "The idea was that on a normal bank holiday you would perhaps travel with your family to somewhere nice.

"We've tried to have a bit of fun with it, brining the seaside to the community safely, and it's good to see so many people getting involved with it and keeping active.

"The youngest cyclist was 7-years-old, and the oldest was 71, so there's a real range in people who are engaging and hopefully they'll be interested in getting involved in some of the other things that we have got going on."

The event was part of the wider CDF Home Goals initiative- a brand new, free online campaign that provides a safe way for the community to get active while they're at home.

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From Doncaster to Barcelona: The Virtual Bike Ride