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Foundation to support 120 Marathon Man during 2020

28 November 2019

Club Doncaster Foundation have pledged their support to Graham Wilson, the 120 Marathon Man, ahead of his fundraising efforts.

The Harrogate-born ‘Marathon Man’, who retired earlier this year, will be embarking on a quest to complete 120 marathons in 120 days between March and July 2020. The Marathons will see Graham and supporters complete 26.5 miles per day for 120 days.

The Foundation’s health project, Fit Rovers, have continued their community efforts by offering to support Graham in his efforts. The participants from the award-winning project are fully behind Graham and his cause, with some fundraising and others walking with him during his marathon in Doncaster.


Graham intends to continue serving the public by aiming to raise £500,000 for a number of local and national charities. 

His aims are clear, but at the same time Graham knows the tough task ahead of him. He said:

“Walking 120 days at 26.5 miles-a-day will be physically and mentally challenging, but put that into context with people who require the services of the charities we are supporting, my challenge then becomes a walk in the park.

“Of course, I have doubts about walking the equivalent of Harrogate to New York (3180 miles), but I also have the belief in what we are doing.”


Alongside his best friend, Tilly, who is a two-year-old Poochon breed who loves to walk, Graham and his beloved dog will embark on this journey together, with Tilly covering around 4 miles a day.

Asked why he wants to put himself through this challenge, Graham said: 

“People inspire me, and I would like to inspire others to get involved with this, not just giving but by actively getting involved and making a difference however large or small. 

“I want people to come and join in the walking wherever we may be. People young and old can come out and join us on the training walks, whether they are long distance walkers or total beginners , it may be there first encounter with exercise for a long time, the message is clear come and do your bit for society whilst doing some good for yourself.


“Help raise £500,000 donating a little to help thousands of people you don't even know that's the magical part.

“People don't realise the impact they can have on other people's lives and their own lives when taking on an event like this.”

To help Graham’s cause, please find his Just Giving page by CLICKING HERE

Foundation to support 120 Marathon Man during 2020