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16 May 2020

The first episode of the Home Goals Podcast series has been released on Youtube and Soundcloud.

The podcast series will feature participants from across the foundation, and will discuss experiences and memories from events, programmes and much more.

In episode one, Foundation staff Nick and Scott chat to Fit Rovers participant Dean about the their experiences completing the three peaks challenge this time last year.

Nick Gillott, community development manager at the foundation, said: "We've got a number of features and ideas lined up that discuss shared experiences with people that are at the foundation, including participants like Dean who are a massive part of the success of the projects.

"Without the support of volunteers we just couldn't do all of the things that we do at the Foundation.

"This is something that we want to develop beyond the pandemic, making it a larger project and running the podcasts regularly.

'We're open to ideas of subjects that people want to discuss, we'd like to hear from people."

The 2020 three peaks challenge should have commenced on Saturday, May 16, but has been postponed until later in the year.

Home Goals, ran in partnership with Doncaster Council, is a free online campaign that provides a safe way for the community to keep active and engage with the foundation while they're at home.

The Home Goals Youtube channel includes home workouts, recipe ideas and will also act as the hub for the new Podcast series.

There are various live sessions released each week via our YouTube channel, and we are developing a Facebook page that provides participants with the opportunity to access other content and share their own experiences.

You can listen to the podcasts in full on the links below.

We want to work to support our community at this challenging time. We're in this together, and your goals are our goals.

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