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Three new lockdown initiatives launched on Home Goals to get people active during November

05 November 2020

The Foundation have launched a range of new lockdown activities to keep people active in November as part of our Home Goals project. 

This includes the ‘Lockdown Log’, a new take on the Active July challenge, a ‘Tour De Lockdown’ as well as the continuation our popular run club. 

Lockdown Log

Use the log to keep track of how active you have been during lockdown. Try to aim for 30 minutes of physical activity per day. You can log things such as steps, calories burnt, workouts completed, miles cycled/walked/ran. We will be posting 2/3 workouts on our pages per week as well as the catalogue of workouts we have on our YouTube page. Check it out, here.

Also don't forget we have our LIVE zoom workouts every week; Wednesday for the ladies and Thursday for the men. You can either print the log and write on it or add it on the computer if you're techy enough! We would like to see a picture of your logs added everyday if possible. Find the PDF log, here. 


Who's up for the cycling challenge? This challenge will run from 05/11/20 - 02/12/20. Simply track your miles on your rides and send a screenshot to 

Your mileage will be added along with everyone else's and a total will be announced at the end of lockdown. We will have category leaders for males and females, as well as age-based categories. Don't forget to post your screenshots on the Home Goals Facebook pages too. There’ll be prizes up for grabs! 

Run Club 

Our weekend run/walk/jog 5k club will continue during lockdown. Simply plan a 5k route, use a GPS tracker to track distance and time then send a screenshot to Results will be posted on the Home Goals Facebook page.

You can join the Home Goals Facebook group, here. 

Three new lockdown initiatives launched on Home Goals to get people active during November