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Foundation launch ‘Active July; a month of movement’ initiative.

26 June 2020
A new Foundation initiative will encourage members of the Home Goals Community Group to get up and active each day throughout the month of July. 


Participants will have their own ‘bingo card' with a blank slot for each day of the month, which will then be ticked off day-by-day. 


To help promote a varied exercise routine, Home Goals members will be encouraged to try activities they may not have done before, such as meditation or yoga.


Scott Copeland, health and wellbeing officer at the Foundation, hopes the initiative will allow for people to try something new while engaging with other group members.


He said: “We’re building up a large community in the Home Goals group and want to make the content as engaging and enjoyable as possible for everyone involved. 


“Active July should help bring more variety to our exercise routines. We’ll be encouraging people to try exercises that they may not have done before and want people to share their experiences with other members of the group.


“We’ll be asking participants to post photos of them completing the exercises in the group, as they have done with our popular Weekend Run Club.”


Active July will also include rewards for participation. 


Each day ticked off on the calendar will equate to an entry to a prize draw at the end of the month. 


If you’d like to join the Home Goals group, click this link. 
Foundation launch ‘Active July; a month of movement’ initiative.