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Fit Rovers Ladies fifth course completed online

15 April 2020

Fit Rovers Ladies fifth course celebrated completing their Fit Fans programme last week. The group, which boasts 26 participants, have been continuing the course from home since the implementation of the lockdown four weeks ago and have seen great improvements across the group.

The total weight lost was 108.4kg while the group lost 213.2cm their total waist circumference. The participants also learned about healthy eating, mental wellness, and much, much more.

The Foundation have been utilising social media and video conferencing to continue delivering the best possible Fit Fans sessions with daily workouts taking place on Zoom at 11am, while mindfulness sessions and social games like bingo have been going ahead too.

The group still interact and share recipes on Facebook and the course is going from strength to the strength despite the current climate.

Fit Rovers Ladies fifth course completed online