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Fit Rovers course 8 impress with results

17 July 2018

Fit Rovers course eight managed to lose an impressive 52.4kg combined whilst on the course, taking the overall weight loss in Doncaster to a staggering 103 stone.

By making simple life style changes and experiencing the free project at the Keepmoat Stadium, the men also shed 66cm from their waist circumference.

Physical changes are just the start of the Fit Rovers journey, with a 12% increase in self-confidence reported on course 8.

Course facilitator, Scott Copeland commented: “Completing course eight and taking the total number of completed participants past the 200 mark is a huge achievement for everyone involved with the project.

“We had a very diverse group this time, there was over 50 years difference from the youngest to oldest participant, but everyone tackled the activities at their own pace and the results are great. 

“After the final circuit session I gathered the group together to congratulate them and thank them for their hard work and commitment. I asked them how they would have felt with that workout 8 weeks ago and most felt that their fitness levels had improved massively over that period, allowing them to complete a more challenging workout.

"I think it’s also important to say that after completing sessions on goal setting, diet, mental health amongst other topics, the group had lost weight but most importantly felt better for doing so.”

Fit Rovers is Club Doncaster Foundation’s pioneering adult fitness course based at the Keepmoat Stadium, aimed at men over the age of 30, free of charge.

Unlike big fitness/weight-loss chains that charge you for public weigh-ins and give very little guidance, information at Fit Rovers is completely confidential meaning you can keep a track of exactly how you’re doing on a one-to-one basis with the staff.

One session a week for eight weeks is included in the course, as well as incentives such as sports wear, Doncaster Rovers player visits and money off match shirts. 

The next eight-week course starts on August 2 and will incorporate interactive workshops and exercise sessions tailored to the needs of every individual. 

For more information about joining a free course at the Keepmoat Stadium contact the team 01302 764663. 

Fit Rovers course 8 impress with results