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Fit Rovers Ambassador Matty Blair Praises 'Unbreakable' Bond With Doncaster Community

19 May 2020

Fit Rovers Ambassador Matty Blair has praised his 'unbreakable' bond with the Doncaster Community in a recent chat with the EFL.

Speaking during Mental Health Awareness Week, Blair reflected on his role within the Fit Rovers project, and offered some comforting words for those who may be struggling during lockdown.

The two-time EFL Community Champion said: "I'd like to make sure that those men and women (of Fit Rovers) are staying well and active.

"If one or two weren't, I would feel a bit of responsibility to give them phone call, ask how they are, and take it from there.

"It's about trying to be that person that can offer support wherever it's needed.

"I will try and help when I can, as we're all trying to pull through this situation together."

Fit Rovers is Club Doncaster Foundation’s pioneering adult fitness course based at the Keepmoat Stadium.

Matty, who has been a Fit Rovers ambassador for a number of years, also discussed how his community involvement has grown, and how he expects his life to change after he hangs up his boots.

He told the EFL: "We've grown a bond that's unbreakable in regard to my life after football through Fit Rovers."

"I'll still speak to people at Doncaster that have nothing to do with the football side, but the community.

"They probably don't see me as Matty Blair the footballer any more, as I don't want them to, they see me as a normal person who's doing a wicked job, the dream job."

During Mental Health Awareness Week, Mind are encouraging people to speak their minds, and reach out to a family member of friend, to ensure that people don't face this pandemic on their own.

You can catch the full EFL interview, here.

If you feel like you or someone you know needs urgent support, you can follow this link.

Fit Rovers Ambassador Matty Blair Praises 'Unbreakable' Bond With Doncaster Community