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Fit Forces participants walk out with players at Doncaster Rovers dedicated Remembrance game

11 November 2022

Participants from the Foundation’s Fit Forces project walked out with the Doncaster Rovers players at the dedicated Remembrance game against Kings Lynn last weekend. 

Having being a part of the Fit Forces project that started back in June this year, the group were invited to the Rovers fixture, to raise awareness of the sessions, handing out leaflets prior to kick off, before walking out with the players and observing the two minute silence in the centre circle, and enjoying the game in hospitality. 

The group were handed new Fit Forces t-shirts to wear, ahead of the game, after their regular Saturday morning session, while the first team players wore the t-shirts to warm up in, promoting the sessions further.

The project, funded by the People Focused Group (PFG), is specifically available to veterans and those who have served within the armed forces, both men and women. Focusing on physical, social and mental wellbeing, the project aims to bring former service persons together and reconnect, while par-taking in a range of activities each week. 

Blue Thornhill and Mark Innes, veterans themselves, who deliver on the project, were both in attendance at the game. 

Mark spoke of being a part of the event and said, “It was a truly humbling experience and I was honoured to take part in this event remembering all that have fallen for the way we live today.

It’s a day I will remember for a long time.”

Blue described the feeling of hearing the applause the group were given as they walked round the pitch after kick off, “When the crowd began to clap it felt like they understood and gave recognition to the service we had all given. I am not afraid to say the emotion of the day brought a tear to my eye.

It was a proud day for Fit Forces and I was truly honoured to be part of it.”

The Fit Forces sessions take place every Saturday morning, 9am-11am, at the Foundation Fitness gym at the Eco-Power Stadium. For more information, contact the team at

Fit Forces participants walk out with players at Doncaster Rovers dedicated Remembrance game