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Ed Miliband welcomed by Fit Rovers

23 March 2018

Ed Miliband joined Club Doncaster Foundation on Friday for a preview of one of their Fit Rovers sessions at the Keepmoat Stadium.

20 participants arrived for their circuit in the concourse for business as usual, before they were joined by Ed, who pulled on a Fit Rovers shirt and joined them on the exercise bikes.

The MP spent a lot of time with the group and was impressed to learn that they have collectively lost a combined 74 stone on the course so far.

Ed said:

“I’m incredibly inspired, I feel like joining them! The club and Club Doncaster Foundation are doing an incredible job in changing people’s lives across our community and I’m so glad I’ve seen it. I met one chap who had lost 7 stone on his own, which is incredible. He’s changed his whole lifestyle because of the inspiration from the guys on the course and he can be so proud. It’s not just what a difference it can make to an individual’s life though, as a collective if we are losing weight, we haven’t got people who are ill because they are over weight and that will save the NHS money too.”

The seventh course of Fit Rovers participants joined the family this week and ahead of them is the free 8 week course that will hopefully change their lifestyles too.

For more information about the course, call the team on 01302 764663.

Ed Miliband welcomed by Fit Rovers