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Club Doncaster Foundation to launch new veterans project, Fit Forces.

07 June 2022

Club Doncaster Foundation are excited to announce the start of the new project, Fit Forces.

Fit Forces will be funded by People Focused Group (PFG), specifically available to veterans and those who have served within the armed forces.

The project will consist of a range of sessions including walk and talk sessions, bike rides, gym sessions, football games, and monthly events such as fishing and weekends away. There will also be the opportunity to socialise with other veterans through NAAFI breaks within Foundation Fitness.

The new project begins on Saturday, June 11 from 9am-11am.

The first session will include an introduction to the facilities available at Foundation Fitness, a stroll around the lake, followed by a quiz and the chance to meet other participants.

Each session will be delivered by veterans, Blue Thornhill and Mark Innis, who have 25 years of service within the army, and both believe the sessions will be vital for former service persons.

“It’s the physical, social and mental wellbeing and that’s what we’ll be focusing on within this group,” Innis said. 

“The sessions will be light-hearted and we want to make them as social as possible.”

Thornhill added, “We want to reconnect veterans, as there are a lot who have left the army and don’t have friends. That’s what we want these sessions to be about.”

Health and Wellbeing Officer, Josh Bucknall, runs several projects around Doncaster aimed at improving mental and physical health and believes Fit Forces will be a vital addition to the Foundation's offering.

“When veterans come out of the army, there’s nothing really for them," Bucknall said.

"We’ve looked around Doncaster, and there’s nothing similar set up like this, so we’re hoping that people can come here and feel a part of the family - exactly like we do with all our other projects.”

To hear more from Blue, Mark and Josh, click here.

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Club Doncaster Foundation to launch new veterans project, Fit Forces.