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Club Doncaster Foundation name Community Captain to help mark the Premier League’s 30th-anniversary celebrations 

07 October 2022

Denise Cann, of Doncaster, has been named as Club Doncaster Foundation’s Community Captain in recognition of her incredible work in the local area. She has supported over 200 different individuals who attend the Football Welcomes sessions, based at the Eco-Power Stadium. Denise volunteers her time to attend every session, even in the coldest winter days, to offer support to these participants, gifting items to them that are originally intended for her and organising boot drives.

The Community Captain accolade is being given to more than 100 members of the public who have made an outstanding contribution to their club and local community, as part of the Premier League’s 30th anniversary celebrations. 

Denise received the accolade at the Eco-Power Stadium. She received a PL30 Community Captain armband and pennant. 

Ben Close, who presented Denise with the Community Captain award, said: “The work Denise does within the local community, supporting the Football Welcomes sessions, is fantastic.”

“Just from presenting this award to her, you can see how much she’s appreciated by everyone who attends these sessions. It’s great to be able to come down and witness it first hand, and be able to give something back for all the hard work she does.” 

Premier League Chief Executive Richard Masters said: “As we mark 30 years since the Premier League first kicked off, it is important we celebrate the unsung heroes who deliver brilliant work in their communities. These people – whether they are participants, coaches, volunteers or long-time employees – are the lifeblood of their clubs and their communities. 

“The continued success of Premier League football enables us to provide unprecedented investment in communities and wider football. As we look to the future, we are committed to investing more than ever, to help develop the game and provide opportunities to people of all ages.” 

The Football Welcomes project is supported with Premier League funding to run twice-weekly sessions, creating a more welcoming environment to refugees, giving them the opportunity to play football, and support their families. Offering these free sessions at a central hub like the Eco-Power Stadium, where other Premier League projects are ran, helps showcase the different opportunities the Foundation provide within the Doncaster borough.

Across England and Wales, Premier League investment supports the community organisations of all 92 Premier League and English Football League clubs, plus the 68 National League clubs.  

Over the next three years, the League will continue its world-leading levels of support by contributing £1.6 billion to communities and the wider game. 

During the Trophy Tour, the League will be announcing new financial commitments to benefit fans and communities. This includes increased investment into the Premier League Fans’ Fund, with £5m available to support fan engagement projects across the top four divisions of the football pyramid. The League is also investing an additional £13.5 million into the Football Foundation to create small-sided pitches in the heart of communities that need them the most. The tour will also give an opportunity to highlight new Premier League investment into women’s and girls’ football, including the Emerging Talent Centres announced earlier this summer. 

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Club Doncaster Foundation name Community Captain to help mark the Premier League’s 30th-anniversary celebrations