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Club Doncaster Foundation gear up for Tour de Yorkshire

02 May 2018

People Focused Group Doncaster spent the afternoon sanding down two bikes from Club Doncaster Foundation's bike library today, before spray painting them blue and yellow to celebrate Tour de Yorkshire. 

The finished bikes are being displayed at PFG's wellness centre in Intake and join the numerous other bikes that are dotted around the town, as Doncaster prepares for the race tomorrow.

The bikes can then be used by the group, who have now completed their bikability course with the foundation. 

Delighted with the outcome, health and wellbeing coordinator, Scott Copeland said:

"Tour de Yorkshire is fantastic and always makes the town proud, so we really wanted to do something to celebrate it. We are already on a mission to collect 31 bike donations in 31 days to add to our bike library in honour of the Tour de Yorkshire, but we thought what better way to go one better than to transform two of our own bikes to celebrate the event. The group we worked with today were fantastic, they had a real eye for detail when sanding and painting the bikes and they've turned out brilliant. We hope they're as happy with them as we are!"

For more information about the different opportunities available at Club Doncaster Foundation or to find out how to donate or borrow a bike, contact the team on 01302 764663. 

Club Doncaster Foundation gear up for Tour de Yorkshire