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Club Doncaster Foundation and Doncaster Rovers come together to celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month

23 February 2024
Club Doncaster Foundation's Health & Wellbeing Officer, Charlie Bonner has welcomed the celebration of LGBTQ+ History Month across the EFL with use of the rainbow ball.
Doncaster Rovers’ clash with AFC Wimbledon at the Eco-Power Stadium on February 24 will see use of the special edition ball, created in partnership between the EFL and PUMA.
Speaking with Rovers midfielder Tommy Rowe ahead of the game, Charlie - a transgender woman - said the visual celebration of LGBTQ+ History Month is important in helping to change attitudes in society but is only a small step.
“It’s a good thing to do and I do think it raises the profile,” she said. “I do think more needs to be done with it though - not just using it for a couple of weeks. We need to be talking more about the background to it and the people who have influenced today’s society.
“Speaking to people like myself and others in the community, you can get the understanding first hand of how it is to actually be a part of that community.
“More needs to be done to show that you can be trans at a football club, you can be gay or a lesbian. It’s all okay and nobody should be treated differently.”
Charlie credits Club Doncaster and the Foundation for providing a welcoming environment that has allowed her to be herself and thrive in her job role.
She has used her position to oversee exclusive sessions in the Foundation Fitness gym at the Eco-Power Stadium for members of the LGBTQ+ community as well as creating the Fit Rovers Rainbow course.
As part of Rovers’ celebration of LGBTQ+ History Month, Charlie sat down with Tommy for an interview, discussing her own story and the importance of highlighting issues facing the community.
Tommy said: “I feel like we’ve still got a long way to go in raising awareness but conversations like this can help. The work Charlie is doing is outstanding and it’s something to be really proud of.”
To watch the interview between Tommy and Charlie, click HERE.
Want more information on the Fit Rovers Rainbow course, please contact
Club Doncaster Foundation and Doncaster Rovers come together to celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month