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Cleats for seats brings families together

23 April 2018

Club Doncaster Foundation ran a new and fun incentive on Saturday, Cleats for Seats, which allowed Doncaster locals to ride their bike to the Doncaster Rovers game in exchange for complimentary tickets.

There was secure storage provided for the bikes and the riders were able to collect them easily after watching the game.

Projects as such are delivered by Club Doncaster Foundation and wouldn’t be achievable without the continued support of the Doncaster Council and Yorkshire Bike Libraries.

Health and wellbeing coordinator at Club Doncaster Foundation, Scott Copeland commented: “The project was a huge success and we had over 30 people swap driving to the game for cycling, which is a massive achievement.

“With Doncaster battling an obesity problem at the minute, it’s great that the community can come together and increase their exercise by incorporating it with travel.”

Father and son duo, Nitzan and Nadav loved the scheme and were able to have some quality father son time, completely free of charge.

Cycling to the game not only reduces their carbon footprint, but also eliminates the cost of petrol to drive to the game, the cost of parking and of course the price of the ticket, which was given to them complimentary, courtesy of Club Doncaster Foundation.

For more information about the schemes and projects Club Doncaster Foundation deliver, contact the team on 01302 764663.

Cleats for seats brings families together