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CDF unveil Rovers ambassadors

17 September 2018

Club Doncaster Foundation are delighted to unveil their Doncaster Rovers FC ambassadors for the 2018/19 season.

Andy Butler, James Coppinger, Matty Blair, Tommy Rowe, Danny Andrew, Mallik Wilks, Alfie May, Ian Lawlor, John Marquis, Danny Amos and Will Longbottom will all take on ambassador roles for the Foundation, specialising in different areas of work.

The ambassador roles will give participants across Doncaster the chance to engage with their favourite footballers and also allow players to work in areas they have identified as ones they enjoy.

Head of Foundation, John Davis commented: “Having player ambassador roles really enhances the work we do at the foundation, and we’re delighted with the commitment that the team places on their community roles.

Working with the PFA,  it is our aim to ensure that player and fan engagements are as impactful as possible and we never miss an opportunity to inspire the next generation.”

A great example of how the ambassador role works is through Matty Blair’s support of our health and wellbeing delivery. Matty Blair now attends our Fit Rovers sessions and encourages the men on the course, even getting involved by helping record their week one and eight measurements of weight, height and blood pressure.

Matty commented: “I’m delighted to be the health ambassador for this season; I spent quite a bit of time with the participants last season and really enjoyed watching them reach their goals, so to have more of a direct involvement this year is great.”

For more information about Fit Rovers, or any of the projects ran by Club Doncaster Foundation, contact the team on 01302 764663.


CDF unveil Rovers ambassadors