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Castle Academy create Anti-Bullying superheroes with Club Doncaster Foundation for Anti-Bullying week

17 November 2023

Pupils at Castle Academy have been taking part in an anti-bullying workshop today, during their reading intervention session through the Club Doncaster Foundation’s Premier League Primary Stars project.

Research shows that experiencing bullying can have a significant impact on a child’s life well into adulthood.

Splitting into small group, the pupils discussed the importance of raising awareness on bullying and what they can do as a group or as an individual to help combat bullying within school, including learning the difference between banter and bullying.

They also pinpointed different types of bullying that can take place, both within school and online, more so now with more social media platforms being created online. 

During the second half of the workshop, pupils were tasked with creating their own Anti-Bullying superhero with a special superpower that helps make noise about bullying. 

Jack Payne, one PL Stars programme lead at the Foundation, spoke of the importance of delivering anti-bullying workshops within schools: “The workshop today has fit in to our reading stars session here at Castle Academy. 

“The pupils have been reflecting on the importance of bullying and how they can make a noise about bullying both in and out of school. 

“They’ve been creative and made their own superpowers up, relating to how they can prevent bullying and how they might be able to help someone being bullied. 

“Pupils have access to a lot of online social media platforms nowadays and play a lot of games online too. Highlighting the importance of tackling bullying and raising awareness will help them as they move through school.”

Kieran, who was part of the workshop today, discussed the superhero he’d created and how bullying makes him feel: “We’ve been learning about bullying and how we can help stop it. To have a voice in talking about bullying, matters. 

“I think it’s important to raise awareness about bullying because bullying can mentally hurt people and it can make people feel like they don’t want to be around anyone. 

“I called my superhero ‘Super Smile’ and it’s superpower would be to make people smile and make every bit of kindness worth smiling about.”

Castle Academy recently signed up to the PL Stars programme, delivered by the Foundation, which uses the appeal of the Premier League and professional football clubs to inspire pupils to be active and develop important life skills. Foundation staff also work with teachers to deliver fun, educational sessions in a range of subjects within local partner schools.

Hannah-May Middlebrook, who organised with the Foundation to have the programme delivered within school, spoke of how the impact has been seen within school already: “The current cohort we’ve got in upper key stage 2, absolutely love football. It’s massive to them.

“When we had the opportunity to have a professional football club come in and deliver activities, it instantly got the children hooked. 

“Even though the activities they’re doing aren’t specifically football, they’re still learning and it’s still linked to football in some way. 

“The pupils are into the sessions and are more engaged, the progress they’re making with the Foundation is being seen within the classroom throughout the week, as well as in their groups too.”

Interested in having your school involved in our Premier League Primary Stars programme? Contact to find out how we can support your pupils and teachers through our 12 week delivery programme. 

Castle Academy create Anti-Bullying superheroes with Club Doncaster Foundation for Anti-Bullying week