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Blair inspires Club Doncaster Sports College

01 October 2018

Doncaster Rovers star, Matty Blair dropped into Club Doncaster Sports College on Monday, to welcome them into the new academic year.

Fresh from yet another stunning goal at the weekend, the midfielder spoke about how he thought this season was going, his best career experiences and his advice for a successful future in a Q&A session with the new starters.

This year becomes the third annual Q&A with the CDSC students hosted by Blair, and he explained how he always enjoys the experience.

Matty said: “I love giving back to the community just as much as any other part of my job, I think it’s important that the students see that we’re not just about 90 minutes on a Saturday, especially those who are hopeful to carve a career in the sport.

“If I can inspire just one student today I’ll be happy. They are all here because they are interested in sport and hopefully they go on to follow fantastic careers and maybe even take on a little bit of my advice from today.”

A hot topic of the Q&A was Matty’s late arrival into the footballing world, which inspired many of the young 16/17 year olds who are aspiring to emulate his career.

Matty told them: “I think the main thing that set me apart from the thousands of other non-league hopefuls back before I made it was that my mind set was always strong. No matter what I did, whether it was 90 minutes on a Saturday or handing leaflets out in the middle of town for a bit of income, I always did it to the best of my ability and I always tried my absolute best.

“It doesn’t matter what you want to do in life or what you want to be, just go be the best at it and always put everything into it.”

For more information about Club Doncaster Sports College, visit the website on 01302 764663.





Blair inspires Club Doncaster Sports College