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Bike library continues to enrich the lives of people in Doncaster

18 November 2019

Club Doncaster Foundation’s bike library service has once again been recognised by the community of Doncaster for its continued success.

 As well as a unique bike hire scheme, which allows members of the public to access bikes free of charge, staff at the Foundation also offer cycling experiences – with students from Pennine View School being the latest benefactor.

Over the past 5 weeks, a few students from the Conisbrough school have been increasing their bike skills and confidence when cycling, something that assistant lead principal John Wilson has been very pleased about.

He said: “We wanted to be able to teach our students about the risks when cycling in the area and Scott and his team were kind enough to educate two of our students around bike confidence and skills. 

“We’re currently in a type of exploration period and are looking at bringing across more students in the future. 

“We have a strong link with the Foundation anyway, as we have their sports coaches come in and deliver multi-sports sessions on a weekly basis.”

The cycling sessions also go a long way to enhancing social skills and mixing, allowing students the chance to meet people in the community who can increase their confidence.


The sessions, ran by the health team, focus on developing independence amongst young people when cycling, whilst also promoting healthy lifestyles. 

Looking back on what the students have done with the Foundation so far, John believes that they have become better for it.

He said: “The lads have really enjoyed it. They always look forward to coming to the session. 

“The bike library is a community opportunity for anyone looking at getting on a bike. The year 11 students now know that the bike library is there for them when they leave school and is accessible for all. 

“We want our students to access more of what the Foundation can provide.” 

John wants to continue to see students from Pennine View utilise the bike library, stating how anyone with a genuine interest in cycling and the outdoors can benefit from the service.

He said: “We want to carry on offering this opportunity as an enriching activity for our students. We want to expand the size of the group and become a little bit more adventurous with the sessions.”

For more information on how you can utilise the bike library, please call 01302 764663 or email

Bike library continues to enrich the lives of people in Doncaster