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£500 raised for Club Doncaster Foundation Bike Library

29 July 2019

Local pool player Graeme Hampson and friend Nicky Beech have generously donated £500 to the Club Doncaster Foundation Bike Library after raising money in memory of Graeme's daughter, who would have turned 14 today.

Graeme organised a pool tournament at Murphys Sports Bar in Doncaster, in memory of his daughter Corragh, who was tragically killed as the result of a hit and run incident whilst out riding her bike in 2016, aged just 11.

Foundation health and wellbeing officer, Scott Copeland, said: “Graeme made contact with us many months ago and it was clear from that moment that this was something he was passionate about.

“From that day on, Graeme has worked tirelessly to organise a day in memory of his daughter whilst raising funds to support our Bike Library. I would like to thank Graeme for all his hard work in organising this event and I was happy to hear the day was a huge success.

“The funds that were raised will help us maintain our fleet of bikes to make cycling more accessible to the people of Doncaster and ensure that all equipment is in good working order.” 

Graeme, of Amateur Blackball Pool Association (ABPA), is a passionate pool player and reached out to his contacts on the pool circuit to organise the event to remember Corragh, whilst also raising funds for Club Doncaster Foundation’s Bike Library charitable activities. 

Funds were raised through entrance fees, donations and a raffle which was conducted on the day and, much to the delight of all involved, a total of £500 was raised for the charity.

£500 raised for Club Doncaster Foundation Bike Library