NCS Graduate Programme

NCS Graduates

So far, more than 100 young people who completed the NCS programme have joined the NCS Graduate Board, which allows those involved to continue their NCS experience.

Due to the amount of young people interested in volunteering, an ambassador scheme was created to run alongside the local graduate board, so that everyone would get the opportunity to be involved in different projects.

On this programme, participants build skills for work and life, while taking on new challenges and adventures, making new friends and contributing to their community.

The NCS team aims to, over the next year, design and create social action projects that will have an impact and make a difference to the community of Doncaster. The graduates will have the opportunity to grow in confidence as they gain new skills such as: teamwork; independence; management and communication.

The local youth board is currently looking at different volunteering opportunities that graduates will be able to take part in. At the same time, they are creating an opportunities hub page, which will hopefully allow other NCS graduates to be part of all the social action projects.


NCS helps your teen get ahead by learning the skills for work and life that employers are increasingly looking for in candidates: confidence, teamwork and leadership skills.

In 2013, NCS gained UCAS recognition making it an excellent way to help your teen define their skills and experiences for upcoming interviews and university applications.


  • 92% of participants in 2013 think NCS gives them a chance to develop skills that would be useful in future.
  • 73% of participants in 2013 feel more confident about getting a job as a result of NCS. NCS will help grow your teen’s confidence and CV.
  • 90% of teens say they would recommend NCS to their friends.


There really are NO hidden costs and it’s even entirely free for some as financial bursaries are available on a case by case basis while the Government invests over £1,000 per place.

Making a Difference

NCS is a great way for your teen to get out of the house and spend the summer making a difference in your local community.