29 November

Rovers youth team tackle adrenaline-fuelled activities on NCS.

Doncaster Rovers youth team embarked on their NCS adventure this week, exploring the depths of the Peak District.

Challenging themselves on exhilarating outdoor activities, the group have been tackling adrenaline-fuelled adventures like canoeing, rock climbing and abseiling.

The group are the final wave to depart for Autumn 2017 and will return to Doncaster for phase 2 and 3 of the programme.

Delighted to work with the group, programme manager, Jan Budtz said: “NCS is a great opportunity for the youth lads, they will learn skills that will help them both on and off the field.

"The programme is full of team bonding exercises, and that will only make their bond stronger. Hopefully it can contribute to how well they can work together in their careers."

At the end of the week, they’ll return to Doncaster where they will gain new skills, work as a team and inspire the community with a planned social action project.

Academy manager, Kieran Scarff added: “They have had a really great experience so far; I can’t speak highly enough of the NCS team, they’ve been great, Jan and all the staff have been excellent from day one and I can’t wait to see how the next phases pan out.”

He continued: “Their next phase will be working in the community and that is a massive part of being a footballer and their career. Having the opportunity to develop those skills in those areas is huge; it’s a real benefit to develop them as players and as people.”

For more information about how to sign up for NCS, contact the team on 01302 764663 / NCS@clubdoncasterfoundation.co.uk.



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