05 September

Matty Blair over sees Fit Rovers results

Matty Blair made it two player visits in as many weeks on Thursday as he congratulated the Fit Rovers team on their exceptional results.

He was there to oversee the halfway point of the programme, which acts as a chance to review all the stats up until that point.

As well as losing weight, the course also produced an impressive 91% attendance retention and increased their physical activity by 27 hours and 30 minutes.  

Impressed with the enthusiasm, Matty commented: “It was a real breath of fresh air to see the group so engaged and willing on a cold Thursday night. They should be proud of their achievements, hopefully they take this as motivation to continue the hard work.”

The results bring the grand total loss to 52 stone 9 pound over all four courses and with the current course only at the halfway point, it is expected the participants will enhance these further.

Course four also lost 53cm from their waist circumference, bringing the grand total to 532.26cm.

For more information about Fit Rovers or to book onto the next course, contact our team on fitrovers@clubdoncasterfoundation.co.uk / 01302 764663.

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