09 February

Fit Rovers course 6 hit half way point

Course six of Fit Rovers have reached their half way milestone this week and have some fantastic results to show for it.

Combined, the group have lost an impressive 6 stone 7 pound, while 54cm has been shed from their waist circumference.

The weight loss has contributed to an overall weight loss of 69 stone 4 pound, over five and a half programmes of men.

Participant Paul Reynoldson said: “It has completely surpassed my expectations, it’s a great group of lads and the content is fantastic.

“I set myself some targets for the end of the course, and I have already hit them at just week 4, I’m over the moon and every week I just can’t wait for next the session.”

The guys now have four more weeks of tailored exercise sessions and workshops designed to improve their mental and physical wellness.

At the end of their Fit Rovers journey, the group can choose to enter the follow on Fit Rovers Veteran classes, paying just £2 a session for full access to the Keepmoat Stadium and all the equipment.

Paul continued: “I’ll definitely be attending the Vets sessions after the 8-weeks, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I can’t believe the 8 weeks are free but then to pay just £2 to continue! That’s nothing, what is it – a burger? Swap a burger a week for the chance to change your lifestyle? It’s fantastic!”

For more information about the next set of courses, contact course facilitator Scott Copeland on fitrovers@clubdoncasterfoundation.co.uk / 01302 764663.

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