22 January

Fit Rovers 2018 kicks off

Fit Rovers flew into 2018 with a bang last week, with a 100% attendance on course six.

21 men were at the Keepmoat Stadium to start their Fit Rovers journey and hopefully emulate the success of previous courses.

The men will now have seven more weeks of the free course, which will include tailored exercise sessions, eat well guides and unique experiences such as Doncaster Rovers player visits.

Course facilitator and health and wellbeing programme manager, Nick Gillott said: “It’s great to see that so many people are getting involved with Fit Rovers and enjoying it so much. The next course starting in March is already well subscribed and to see it doing so well is a proud moment for us.

“The club supporting the course makes the world of difference, everyone really buys into what we’re trying to achieve and I think that makes everyone feel truly part of not just Fit Rovers, but Doncaster Rovers too.

“We have loads of plans for this year, with lots of bike rides, fixtures, special events and player visits, so I for one can’t wait to get the ball rolling for 2018.”

Funded by the Doncaster CCG, Fit Rovers is a free of charge healthy lifestyle course, which is targeted at men in Doncaster wanting to lose weight or make a lifestyle change. 

Unlike big fitness/weight-loss chains that charge you for public weigh-ins and give very little guidance, information at Fit Rovers is completely confidential meaning you can keep a track of exactly how you’re doing on a 1-to-1 basis with the staff.

The Vets sessions are also available, which is the follow on course for men who have completed the course when the eight weeks are done.

For more information about the course, contact the Fit Rovers team on fitrovers@clubdoncasterfoundation.co.uk / 07841000548.

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